Servers Sales Module

A food service staff who doesn’t perfectly understand the product they’re selling is an "order taker" and is  completely ineffective. Product knowledge training should be one of the very first things you will understand while at hotelierslink.  You  should be able to explain in detail how each of our menu items will benefit our guest.

Food and Beverages Servers Sales Module.

This Food and beverage server sales training specifically targets sales opportunities with the net result of an increased check average. The primary reason for this Server Sales Training Program is to establish and/or reinforce basic service skills and then build on these skills with active sales training. At hoteliers link, we believe  that each member of a restaurant staff is a sales person.

You are expected to have done and successfully completed Spirits categories, Wines and wine service and F&B order taking Training Modules before doing this course. This training is aimed at elevating your product knowledge, stopping you from  playing “order taker” and turning you into a  “sales person”.

The goal of this training is to maximize sales with every customer who visits your restaurant.

Welcome to the Servers  Sales Training Module.

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